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8 Super E-Learning Tips

Exciting Times Ahead at Dojo Learning! 7 Helpful Tips for Using the Dojo Learning Creator

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8 Tips#1 – Add a quiz at the end of each module.

#2 – Use case studies and examples to explain key points.

#3 – Add a variety of media to the course – videos, animated pictures, layered pictures etc.

#4 – Add a FAQ question for learners who need extra assistance on the course

#5 – Make mindmaps part of the course. Encourage your learners to use mindmaps as they go through your course

#6 – Supply an audio version of your course to your learners so they can listen, learn and revise on the go

#7 – Create downloadable info sheets summarizing the main points at the end of each module

#8 – Check the spelling, grammar, layout etc for mistakes! An easy tip but often overlooked.