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7 Helpful Tips for Using the Dojo Learning Creator

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  1. Go through our ‘How to use Dojo Learning’ course when you login.
  2. Need some inspiration? Have a look at some of our top courses, such as Brian Mayne’s Goal Mapping for ideas:
  3. Browse our blog for checklists, getting started guides and more!
  4. Use social media sites to enhance your learning. Follow us and top e-learning influencers on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Facebook.
  5. Gather all your resources (graphics, course objectives, content etc) in 1 folder on your computer before you start.
  6. Don’t expect to put your course together in 1 sitting – although many have achieved this remember you are learning how to use a new tool and we recommend going through 1 module of our course a day.
  7. Not sure about adding graphics or have some questions? Get on a call with us, we are here to help!Helpful Tips