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Beta User Feedback and Current Changes to Dojo Learning

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At the start of January 2014 we launched a new beta version of Dojo Learning for the first time since it was acquired.

Thank YouThe ambition of the re-design of Dojo Learning was to create a no technical knowledge needed e-learning platform for trainers + consultants, training companies, consultancies, companies offering staff training through e-learning, schools and colleges. It’s a big change to the previous platform, which was aimed at individuals who could create courses on any topic. The response to this change has been positive and we are really excited about the feedback and level of engagement we are getting.

Initial response

We have made it easy for users to provide us with feedback, the most popular route for providing feedback we found was through social media, namely Twitter and LinkedIn and through our CEO, Sohail Khan who is on hand for any questions from our beta users. The main themes of feedback are outlined below.

Target Market

It became evident that our customer base is made up of consultancies, companies offering staff training, training companies and established trainers/consultants. We are now creating resources and providing support geared towards these markets. 

‘How To Use Dojo Learning’ Video Tutorials

We are glad that users have found these tutorials so valuable. We have increased the number of video tutorials we have available to fill any knowledge gaps you experienced. We have identified a need for extra resources, which will be available on our resource page over the coming weeks. Additionally we are developing more training videos that will be available to our customers through the Dojo Learning Institute.

Trial of ALL features + packages

A key point of feedback that became evident was that the initial 30 day free trials were limited to our professional plan, which does not allow for a branded portal or multiple instructors. We received a huge amount of feedback from customers who wanted to test these features. In response from February onwards all our plans are available with a 30 day free trial.


The beta phase is still in progress and currently users can issue certificates ,manually to learners from the scoring results received from our testing features. We are developing an automated feature which will issue certificated to learners upon completion of tests. 

Promotion of Courses

We received feedback from a number of beta users who asked if we could promote their courses through targeted marketing and why this feature is not openly available on our site. Our platform is B2B and the majority of our customers have private learning networks/portals.

Course Authoring

Our Authoring service has been a huge success and we are expanding our authoring services to include e-learning modules using Articulate.

Off The Shelf Courses

A key finding was that some companies do not want to create their own training 100% or would like access to a library of off the shelf training courses or use as supplementary learning material to their course(s). We are pleased to announce that we have taken your feedback onboard and we are now creating ready made training courses on popular topics, which can be used by our customers as stand alone or supplementary material to your courses.

Beyond the Web

We are pleased to announce that our branded portal sites are now tablet/mobile interface compatible. We are in the process of developing an app, it is taking longer than other apps as we are ensuring that it is 100% security enabled but will be available in the app store very soon.

International Availability

To confirm, our site is available throughout Europe, the US and the Middle East. In response to comments regarding language barriers in the Middle East, you are now able to create a branded learning portal in a number of languages including Arabic. We are investigating whether an Arabic version of the main website is beneficial to our customers in the UAE. 

We would like to thank all our Beta Users for their feedback, which has been crucial in the development of Dojo Learning. As a way of saying thank you we would like to offer all beta users an additional extension of their 30 day trial and for existing clients a free month added to your existing plan.

If you have any questions or feedback you would like to share with us in the future then please get in touch with me at: