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Why Classroom-Based Learning Is No Longer Enough Beta User Feedback and Current Changes to Dojo Learning

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Following our recent launch of Dojo Learning we are looking for new guest bloggers to join our expanding team of elearning AND edtech expert bloggers.

We are looking for exciting, engaging content in the form of articles, reviews, industry news, opinions or if you’re feeling creative, infographics that provide valuable content to our readers

Guest Blogger

In return you will gain some great exposure, we will even include a short bio at the end of your post, a link to your own blog/website and a link back to your twitter profile.

It’s easy to become a guest blogger at Dojo Learning. Simply write a post on a relevant topic e.g. elearning, edtech, training/consulting and submit it along with your twitter/google+ link and short bio to:

All we ask is that you follow the guidelines below. We don’t want you to waste your time so make sure your content fulfils our criteria otherwise your post is likely to be rejected.


A few things to avoid in your posts: 


Intolerant or offensive views or language

Graphic sexual references

Attacking an individual or organization

Persistent product placement

Spam/Posts FULL of links (we will have to remove them)

Duplicate + copyrighted content – Original content only please.

We cannot publish every post 

A few tips for creating great content:

400-800 words is generally the best length

Writing in 1st person creates the most engaging content

Our audience is B2B so bear this in mind when writing

Publication:  We have the right to publish and remove articles at our discretion and we have the right to edit, amend, add to, delete and make changes to submitted articles as we see fit. (grammar and spelling are very important to us).

We will notify you of an estimated publication date within 7 days of receiving the post. If you do not hear from us in this time, it is likely we will not publish your post.