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E-learning Checklist

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ChecklistA quick list of things to check BEFORE you publish your course…If you’ve already published your course DON’T PANIC!

Use this checklist to ensure your course is the BEST it can be…


1.Are you keeping your students hooked throughout?

Enthusiastic engaged students retain 25-60% more!

Have you added 2-3 of the following:

  • Quizzes,
  • Media e.g. photos, charts, graphics…
  • Storyboards,
  • Downloadable worksheets to fill out.

Using a variety of teaching method caters for more learning styles.

2.Have you provided scenarios, case studies or examples of how to apply your training?

Providing your learners with solid examples of how to use the training at the end of each module/lesson will solidify their learning, increase their confidence and give them the necessary tools to implement the training immediately.

3.Do your learning objectives + content match?

If not, change your learning objectives, content or both so your learners know what to expect.

Have you included the learning objectives in the course description or at the beginning of every lesson?

Don’t overcomplicate this - use simple bullet points.

4.Is the course organized logically and effectively?

Are the chapters/modules organized by topics, learning objectives or date?

Have you included a table of contents for quick reference?

Including a description at the beginning of each chapter/module/lesson as described above will add structure to the course.

5. Does your course have a clear, consistent design throughout?

Are you using the same templates, colours, writing font and layout throughout?

Have you used colours logically in your course to enhance learning points? e.g. black for the main points/words.

Are the main points easy to see? Are the pages cluttered or clear?

6. Have you created an action plan for the learner following the course?

Is there a higher level or related course your learner can progress onto?

Can the learner continue to contact you after the course?

Do you have a workbook or any homework the learners need to complete?


7. Are there any content gaps?

Set your course to private using our in built tool and invite a handful of learners to test it before your official release. Ask your test learners:

Did they discover any content gaps?

Did they stay focused throughout? Were there any chapters in particular where they lost focus?

What else could you add to improve your course?

Are there any points that needed further explanation? or where an example would be useful?

At the end of the course, did they feel they had accomplished the learning objectives?

Did you find this checklist helpful? Do you have any further suggestions we can add to this checklist? Let us know!