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Defining Your Course Objectives

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objectivesBefore creating content stop and plan your course objectives. They will ensure you create a coherent course that is easy for the learner to follow and they will keep you focused during content creation.

What is the purpose of the course?

  • Define the end goal – “At the end of the course learners will be able to…”

What is the purpose of each module?

  • “At the end of module 1 learners will be able to…”

Are your learning objectives measurable?

  • Create quizzes and assessments that when completed show the learner is on track for each modules learning objective.
  • What percentage or level should a learner achieve to have successfully achieved the learning objective and completed the module/course?

Are your objectives interesting?

  • You will most likely add your course objectives to your course description – do they sound convincing and interesting enough to entice someone to sign up?
  • Are they meaningful and motivating for the learner?

And lastly…

Are learners made aware of how each element of the course relates to their achievement of a course objective?

Next Steps…

Now you can go ahead and create your course. Make sure you look at your course objectives regularly – all your material, assignments, activities and assessments should align with the course objectives.