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Authoring Client Case Study

Dojo Learning Wins ALPHA Web Start-Up of 2013! Course Preview Feature Now Added!

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The Scenario

We were approached by LIFT International an International corporate training and development organisation to convert their existing training material and create an online branded training portal using our platform. We re-created their existing 'Certified Goal Mapping Coach' training material and assessments digitally via videos, audios, pdf worksheets, interactive quizzes and journals along with their own branded training portal below:

Lift International - Client Logo

The Result

We helped craft an email campaign to their own list and had 40 initial sign-ups at £497 each with the launch - they re-couped their initial investment in our Authoring Service with a 500% return! We also assisted in recruiting Reseller Partners for them which will result in a few hundred sign-ups to their online program.

For more details on our Authoring Service click below: